Guild Medal

During the ceremony the server makes a solemn promise and is presented with the Guild Medal, worn around the neck with a red cord. The medal means two things: First, the parish priest, or local director of the Guild, has decided this particular server is eligible and worthy to be admitted to the Guild. Second, the server accepts and wears the medal as a sign of commitment – commitment to server regularly: commitment to serve as well as possible.

The Guild Medal is a reminder that you are serving Christ, made present at the Altar during Mass. Below is a diagram explaining the symbolism of the medal, as well as the awards given by the Guild of St Stephen for years of service.

Guild Medal

The Bronze Medal, after 1 year of serving.

The Certificate of Merit, can be awarded after 5 years of serving.

The Silver Medal, after 10 years of serving.

The Silver Medal of Merit, after 20 years of serving.

The Gold Medal, after 50 years of serving.


The Wooden Cross, Some Parishes have wooden Crosses for Altar Servers have started, before getting their Bronze Medal.

The “Centenary” Medal, This medal was commissioned for the Centenary of the Guild in 2004.

The Gold Medal of Merit, after 50 years of serving, but enrolled after the age of 13