Who’s Who

Constitution and Organisation

The Archbishop of Westminster is the Superior General of the Archconfraternity and he appoints a priest to be the National Director of the Guild. A lay Central Council consisting of a Lay President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and other members assists him in the running of the Guild. The Central Council is responsible for running the business side of the Guild.

Under the structure of the archconfraternity, each parish or diocese can act as a branch of the Archconfraternity of St Stephen, appointing a Diocesan director and a lay council to assist. The Diocese of Nottingham has an Altar Servers Diocesan Council responsible for the spiritual and training development of Altar Servers in the Diocese of Nottingham. Every year an Altar Servers Mass, presided by the Bishop of Nottingham takes place at the Cathedral of St Barnabas in Nottingham.

National Director: Fr Dennis F P Touw

National President: Mr Michael O’Leary

Diocesan Director: Rev Robert Thacker

Diocesan Council Chair:

Below are the names of the senior servers of the diocese who also help run the Guild of St Stephen:

Fr Robert Thacker Diocesan Guild Director

Fr Jonathan Rose Bishop’s Secretary and Diocesan Master of Ceremonies

James Noakes Master of Ceremonies and Guild Goods 

Colum O’Shea Assistant Master of Ceremonies

Joe Hopkins Assistant Master of Ceremonies

Bernadette Hickey Assistant Master of Ceremonies

Daniel Leung Guild Webmaster