Place order forms for Guild goods for your parish, for requisites like medals and branded memoribillia.

Awards for distinguished service at 10 years (silver) and 50 years (gold) need to be approved with an application that outlines a resume of the recipient’s altar serving. This form will be e-mailed to you should you select these items.

To use the order form below, complete the text form above, and then click on the images below and a green tick will appear. The page will jump up, allowing you to select a new item.

Once the order form has been completed, it acts as a provisional advisory memo for the guild goods manager who will e-mail you to confirm the transaction with an invoice.

New in the shop: Drawstring bags suitable for carrying missals and books, smart shoes, guild medal and cassocks and cottas/albs. 

By providing your parish or organisation it helps us to identify you
This will help us later to send the items and a hard-copy invoice
Please specify if you wish to order a large quantity by stating the amount of the particular items that you select below
Please note that medals for distinguished service may not be immediately dispatched until an application form has been completed by your parish priest that includes a brief resume of the recipient's altar serving career. This form will be e-mailed to you in the reply.
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